November 10, 2012

Why Am I Happy Being a Woman?

Just like any other girl, 

I am guilty of being vain. 

I love to shop. 

I love fashion. 

I love make-ups though I don’t wear one on daily basis. 

But most importantly, I love to feel good and

I think it’s different from wanting to look good.

Feeling good about yourself comes from

internal happiness and it’s the faith that light

up your heart that carries you through to

illuminate in today’s everyday getting-darker-


I guess everybody would agree with me that it

adds bliss to a woman’s life to open her

wardrobe and finds plain and prints folded and

hung from end to end of her closet. 

It feels great to satiate your eyes looking at all the

bubbly hues in different cuts and styles.

It’s cool to sport clothes that suits your palate.

You feel tall to walk with a stylish yet comfy


It feels great to really feel good

about yourself.

buat saya Cantik dan rapi itu tidak hanya diluar
rumah.. sangat menyenangkan bereksperimen
di dalam rumah dengan hijab maupun tanpa

karena kadang, saya pun masih merindukan my
mini skirt jeans.. XD

the rules is: Do Not Be Boring!!

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